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I moved! Please update your feeds with my new address.
Clean X
June 26, 2008 11:04 AM PDT

I moved to WordPress Please go there from now on to listen to my podcasts and read my blogs. Please add my wordpress site to your Favorites, Bookmarks, feeds. Thanks Podomatic for being my host for almost 2 years.

Post PAB2008. Alice Russell Canadian tour – free tickets for Toronto
Clean X
June 23, 2008 08:59 PM PDT
itunes pic


TEXT: PAB2008 was fantastic! This week, the miraculous Alice Russell from UK is touring Canada.
MUSIC: Alice Russell – Seven Nation Army
Running time: a little over 9 minutes


Listen the episode to win a pair of tickets to see Alice Russell this Saturday in Toronto!

Alice Russell Canadian tour:
24 Jun 2008 20:00 Quinces Calgary
25 Jun 2008 20:00 Pyramid Winnipeg
27 Jun 2008 20:00 Club Soda Montreal
28 Jun 2008 20:00 Supermarket Toronto, Ontario
29 Jun 2008 20:00 Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver


Alice Russell on MySpace.

TD Canada Trust TORONTO JAZZ FESTIVAL facilitated the 2 tickets offered in this episode to see Alice live. Thanks to them and extended to Alice’s management at SPARKLESTREET in Manchester, UK.

Luminato 2008 wrap-up. PAB2008 next!
Clean X
June 16, 2008 06:53 PM PDT
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TEXT: June is a busy month for a podcaster!
MUSIC: Mikel Rouse – Tell God That I Saved You
Running time: 11’52”


Luminato 2008 is over. Here is the wrap-up on what I was able to attend.
The next weekend is PAB2008 time in Kingston! It will be a first for me.
Alice Russell, one of my favorite vocal artists at the moment, is coming to Canada this month! Book your dates.


Mikel Rouse - official website. Tanya Tagaq - official website. Laurie Anderson - official website. The Wire magazine in UK – adventures in modern music. Luminato homepage. PAB2008 homepage. Tanya Tagaq live on the CBC Radio 2 website. Alice Russell on MySpace.

Clean X
June 10, 2008 07:24 PM PDT
itunes pic


TEXT: Luminato festival is in full swing
MUSIC: Luke Doucet – The Day Rick Danko Died
Running time: 11’27”



Sean McGaughey’s podcast and more.
CBC Radio 2
Luke Doucet on MySpace.
John Meadows produced the PAB2008 promo I played in today’s show.
Luminato festival is ongoing until June 15.
PAB2008 conference website.
Shaye is the duo that hosted The Canadian Songbook show.

A podcaster at the LUMINATO festival
Clean X
June 05, 2008 08:57 PM PDT
itunes pic

TEXT: A podcaster gets media accreditation at a major showbiz festival
MUSIC: Tania Tagaq of Nunavut
Running time: 7’53”


I had a real pleasure earlier this week reading an email from the organizing team at the Luminato Festival in Toronto. My media accreditation was approved for 3 fantastic shows during the 10-day celebrations of arts and creativity, beginning Friday June the 6th.
I am not sure, but this might be a premiere: a podcaster getting a press pass to a major festival.



Luminato’s website.

Tania Tagaq on MySpace.

Mikel Rouse on MySpace.

A popular Laurie Anderson fanpage on MySpace.

Kronos Quartet on MySpace.

Napster, Zabriskie Point and Jerry Garcia in my life
Clean X
June 01, 2008 02:19 PM PDT
itunes pic


TEXT: A subscription-based music service rekindled my passion for music.
MUSIC: Jerry Garcia – bonus track from Zabriskie Point’s soundtrack
Running time: 18’54”


In early 2007 I found myself bored and not interested in bringing new music into my life. Soon after, I tested Napster’s subscription-based music service, and click! Browsing their huge catalogue feels the same as when – as a kid – I was walking through the aisles at my school’s library: fascinating! A couple of nights every week, I ‘m looking for new music with some sort of “Indiana Jones” passion. I like that!

This episode was not paid or ordered by Napster. It’s rather about a type of service that I enjoy. Napster is not the only subscription-based music service. *******************************

John Fahey - this American guitar legend is on the soundtrack and I used his music as background today. Click for one of his MySpace fan pages.

Zabriskie Point, photo by Steve Parker on Flickr.

Napster Canada.

Zabriskie Point the soundtrack’s story.

Fricke’s picks.David Fricke’s column in Rolling Stone.

Michelangelo Antonioni the film’s director. He also directed the cult movie BLOWUP, where Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page appear in a fierce concert scene.

Jerry Garcia on Wikipedia.

My friend Raz Van quotes three CDs he loves in his collection: KOLN (Keith Jarrett), Zabriskie Point Soundtrack, and Pat Metheny’s album in 2003.

PR, show business and podcasting
Clean X
May 25, 2008 03:22 PM PDT
itunes pic

TEXT: Two different attitudes towards podcasting
at showbiz-PR people
MUSIC: Adrian Belew - Whatever
Running time: 08’13”


I have recently mentioned a few summer festivals for the live-music fans in my podcast.

Then I sent the link of that episode to a PR person within the organizing team for those festivals.
For 2 of them, the Luminato festival and the Ottawa Blues festival, I also made an offer to cover the festival in my podcast, asking for press access in exchange.
The answers I got were totally opposite.

LUMINATO = we welcome a podcaster to cover the festival; we will grant you access to shows and maybe access to interview artists.

OTTAWA CISCO BLUESFEST = we are not interested in your offer to cover the festival as a podcaster. Look at our media access policy.
(their media access is for mainstream-media only)

MUZIKK. I know Adrian Belew since 1981’s DISCIPLINE. Not only is he one of the greatest adventurers in guitar artistry, but he is also an accomplished vocalist. I just felt I need to say that.

Adrian Belew on MySpace

All Music Guide - I quoted AMG when talking
about Adrian Belew.

Raz Van on MySpace. He did a VO for this episode. Thanks Raz!

Michelle Sullivan's blog . She did a VO for this episode. Thanks Michelle!

Luminato Toronto festival of arts+creativity 2008

Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest 2008.

(Romanian language; English listeners pls.skip to the music) PRAGA
Clean X
May 19, 2008 11:07 AM PDT
itunes pic
TEXT: Sint 40 de ani de la Primavara de la Praga
MUSIC: Travka – Vreau sa simt Praga
Running time: 11'49"
MUSIC starts at 06' 45"


My dear English listener, please skip to the music for this episode. Should you wish an English transcript for this episode, I will be happy to provide it. I talk about the “Prague spring”, events in 1968 that influenced my family when I was about to be born.


Sint 40 de ani de la Primavara de la Praga. Generatia mea era in burtica la mama in mai 1968. Sau in scutece. Milan Kundera a scris “Insuportabila frivolitate a existentei”, inspirat de ce a vazut si trait atunci. Un roman foarte drag generatiei mele, publicat prima oara in franceza in 1984. Un an mai tirziu a fost publicat originalul in limba ceha, la Toronto. Editura se numea 68 Publishers, specializata in literatura exilului cehoslovac.

Despre filmul facut dupa carte, am sa spun doar ca lui Kundera nu I-a placut deloc. Nu a permis nimanui dupa aia sa mai faca film dupa carte.

Mare noroc daca nu stiati de Kundera pina acum, si sper ca nu stiati nici de Travka. In cazul asta, o sa aveti doua intilniri de lunga durata.

ABOUT THE MUSIC. “Vreau sa simt Praga” – ce cintec de betie, de pierzanie, de fascinatie! Imi aminteste de “Cracovia”, fabuloasa compozitie a trupei PRIMA LINIE din Petrosani, undeva prin 1983….


Travka on MySpace. Primavara de la Praga pe Wikipedia.

Silence is music
Clean X
May 13, 2008 07:45 PM PDT
itunes pic
TEXT: Following a comment from a friend, I talk more about the music I play.
MUSIC: Bon Iver – The Wolves Act I and II
Running time: 09’51”



Bon Iver on MySpace.

The friend suggesting more talk about the music I play is
Mihai Zaharia , a superb musician (especially on bass), songwriter,
producer. Currently on bass with Peaceful Soldier, a band in Toronto.

The voiceover for my friend's comment was done by Raz Van Constantine, a film maker/writer in Montreal.

Bon Iver's portrait was taken by Tim Lytvinenko.

Dry reads and promo for PAB 2008
Clean X
May 08, 2008 08:56 PM PDT
itunes pic
TEXT: Dry reads and a promo for you to use for promoting PAB 2008
Running time: 01’30”


Podcast Across Borders 2008 is this June, in Kingston, Ontario. I’ll be there!

Here are a few dry reads and a promo I produced for you to use in your podcasts.
Feel free to use this material any way you want, but if you do please credit the source with a link to this page.

I would be happy to play promos to this event in my podcast, so please let me know if you have one.

Since this conference is a grassroots, non-profit, social media gathering, I hope the professionals in voiceover industry will not take any offence for me placing my voice here. I am not, after all, a VO professional and hopefully not interfering with the industry this way.
Thanks for understanding. I really admire the VO professionals and respect their work.



Music beds courtesy of artists from Podsafe Music Network.

I used “Back to Disco” and “Burdigala Salsa” by AjT

I used “Time and Space” by DJ Raw

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